Navas was born in a bar in Mousehole, Cornwall. After a long walk around the headland, we popped into the Ship Inn and while surveying the back bar, questioned why with all the excellent spirits there wasn't a choice of mixers.

With a core focus on creating drinks made from the best ingredients, that will bring out the character of the spirits they are paired with. We have now launched Navas with two Tonic Waters, made entirely from natural ingredients of the best provenance, to pair with the choicest spirits. 

Our name reflects our shared connection of the Helford River and the small creek village, Port Navas.  Our packaging was inspired by the dark green and red serpentine rocks found at Kynance Cove and the Lizard Peninsula. Polished by thousands of years of crashing waves, the rocks look like smooth snakeskin.


Our mission is to create the best drinks, use business to promote responsible management of the environment and support our community in Cornwall, toward a sustainable future, for one and all.